Sunday, March 3, 2013


While I was trying to figure out if I really wanted to start a blog, I spent a lot of time trying new recipes that were appearing on some of my favorite blogs.  That is another new fascination for me.  I have collected cookbooks since I was a young adult. I weed them out periodically, but I still cannot resist a new one.  I am a huge fan of Paula Deen, her sons, the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond,  and a variety of cooking favorites.I have been trying to stop buying the hard copies and put them on my Kindle Fire. So far that is working pretty well, but every now and then I just want to hold the book in my hands and turn the pages!

So the blogs have satiated my need for more recipes - they are sitting in my inbox almost every day!! Those that I think I might try or that intrigue me, I save to One Note.  If you have not used that program, you need to give it a try.  My friend Ducky got me hooked on it years ago and I am so grateful to her!  I now have virtual notebooks for all sorts of things and  of course one is now devoted to recipes.  I love having them so available so I don't have to go searching for something that sounded good a few weeks ago - I just have to find it in One Note.  It is an organizer's dream!!

I digressed - sorry.  Back to cooking. So one recipe that I could not get out of my head was from Iowa Girl Eats- Orange Skillet Chicken with Winter Fruit Salsa.  OH..... MY..... GOSH.......... that was so good!!!   It is an explosion of citrusy goodness in your mouth. The link to the recipe is above, but here is the short, simple version!!
Sear well seasoned chicken breasts in olive oil

Make an orange juice reduction sauce
And while the chicken is resting and the sauce is bubbling and becoming intoxicating, make the winter fruit salsa of chopped kiwi, orange slices, chopped, and pomegranate seeds.  It was my first time tasting pomegranate seeds and they were delicious.  And I used my diminishing supply of Honeybell oranges.  They are only available from FL one month of the year (January - I have them shipped as late as possible!) and each  one has the juice of a full glass of orange juice protected beneath that skin.  They are a must try - but you will have to wait til next year.

Here is the end result.....
Doesn't that look good enough to eat???  Trust me.... it is!!
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  1. Oh that DOES look yummy!!! I just love the way you describe food!!!!! ;)

    1. Thanks Penny!! I so appreciate your feedback. I never know when writing how it sounds on the other side!! LOL
      I have been cooking up a storm lately so there are more descriptions to come! Hope I don't run out of enticing words!! :)