Monday, March 11, 2013

Tribute to a Special Friend

The weekend was time to make a few cards .  One was particularly difficult for me as it was a sympathy card.  I wanted this one to be extra special -  and struggled as I always do, with what to do.  It seems to take me as long to come up with an idea for a card as it does to make it.  I know that doesn't make sense, but it's my reality.

I knew I wanted a cut file as I was not in the mood to stamp and color.   I hope someday soon I will want to do that again as I have some great stamps.  But not this time.  So I found a beautiful ornate cross from SVG Cuts and knew that was perfect, and that my trusty Silver Bullet would make this task easier.  It's a simple card, but that's how it needed to be.  I wanted the card to say the words that I could not find and somehow mirror the depth of my feelings.

From begining detailed cut file................... to the weeding of that file.............. to the finished card - ready for delivery.


A few weeks ago I shared a story about two special friends - a mother and a daughter who have left an imprint on my heart and on the hearts of my family.

Little did I know that the seashell card I shared on here would be our last communication.  She left this world last Wednesday - just a week later.  So now I had to make a different card -one that is more final and reflects so many emotions - sadness, loss, hope ... and most importantly, love.

The feelings of sadness and loss are selfish on my part..  It is hard to let go and I long for one more phone call; one more chance to hear her voice; one more opportunity to share a hug.  And I am reminded of how quickly life can change.  I have cried for all that I wish I could have experienced with her.  But time is a great healer.  And  as the days pass, the tears become less frequent and now merely glisten in my eyes.  And much like the miracle of the rainbow when the sun peeks through a rainy day, my mind is  flooded with beautiful vivid memories that fill my heart  with gratitude and joy for having been so blessed to be able to share part of my life with her. 

I am going to keep looking for rainbows.  I hope  you will too.

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