Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lovin Lemon!

My lovely lemon tree could be appropriately called "the giving tree".  Except for about 2-3 months of the year  (right now) it just gives and gives and gives.  I can be grabbing the current crop of beautiful yellow lemons and see both new green ones growing and blossoms popping. It rarely rests!   The last crop I had well over 200 lemons and kept neighbors and friends well stocked.

When I have an over-abundance, I cannot possibly use them all up and I hate throwing them out, so I  juice and zest them and put them in the freezer.  The zest is in an airtight container that I can easily access and the juice is first frozen in ice cube trays and then put into freezer bags so I pull out what I need.

I don't know what it is about this lemon tree (and it is even MORE special because it is a Meyer lemon!) but it makes me smile just to see it - whether or not it is lemon bearing season.  Maybe it is just because it knows how much I appreciate all that it shares with me and all of the wonderful things I can make because of its generosity - from lemonade to lemon bars to lemon pound cake to the lemon yogurt muffins below......

The Lemon Yogurt Sugar Muffins from Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice were very good, but I made some changes that may have affected the outcome.  The recipe called for plain Greek Yogurt and I used vanilla Greek yogurt which may have diluted the lemon flavor,  So next time if I use the vanilla yogurt again, I would substitute the vanilla extract that was also added for lemon extract.  I think that would enhance the flavor. Other than that, they were very good and a treat.  When they were still slightly warm, they were brushed with melted butter and dipped in sugar.  They made a great presentation.

  I use the King Arthur Muffin pans and they are truly a breeze to clean even without liners. I highly recommend their entire line of baking pans.  They are pricey, but you will have them for a lifetime and you can tell when you use them that they are quality,

I had a surplus of  lemons from the last crop and more than enough lemon juice cubes to keep me going for awhile, so I decided to juice more and make a Meyer Lemon Loaf Cake  from the Brown Eyed Baker and I am so glad I did.  As you will see if you follow the link above, the recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons lemon zest and I used 3 Tablespoons.  The lemon smell filled the house with the scent of spring and I could hardly wait for it to cool so I could glaze it and get it out of the house before I devoured it whole!![

The glazing was fun. After it has been out of the oven for 10 minutes, you prick the entire cake (sides too) with a long bamboo skewer, and then brush a mixture of cooked lemon sugar syrup over the cake and let it set until cool.

I would definitely make this again!

And here is a sneak preview of things to come with my energizer lemon tree.  See the little buds that are beginning to populate the tree?? In no time at all there will be 100-200 lemons  gracing the kitchens of  my friends as I share the wealth!!  Here is the evidence of the new lemons coming  I will take a new picture when the tree is bursting with lemons again!
Look at all of those blossoms - and they are all over the tree like that!

You will be amazed!  I still am with every new crop!  And look for more lemon recipes to come!
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  2. Thanks Penny. The Meyer lemon loaf was incredible.

    Just made lemon and blueberry muffins so look for that recipe soon! YUMMM!!

  3. Well bless that little trees heart.
    Great Job Gigi dear.
    It looks awesome!!!!
    It is nice to know that after all the trouble you had when you first moved into that home, all the love, patients, not to mention money, that it is finally giving back.
    Well deserved I might add.
    Love ya,

  4. Penny.
    I hope that posting "Time" was in "Gigi" time zone and not yours.

  5. LOLOL Nance on the comment to Penny!!

    That tree was here when I moved it so it was a special bonus with the house - and it has given like that continuously. Love it ... and you!!

  6. ROFL....YES Nance it was!!!! LOL...Good catch girlie!! ;)

  7. You make me starve...and I have just finished dinner!!

    Looks extremely yummy and I can only imagine the wonderful aromas emanating from your home!

  8. LOL Lisa!! Yes it did smell wonderful here. Why do you think I am out of the house so much??? I don't want to be tempted!! LOL