Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ducky's Birthday Dilemma

I have a very dear friend with a birthday on St. Patrick's Day - March 17th (for those who missed it!!)  She is an incredible graphics designer. You may have seen her work at Ducky's Designs - she used to work for Disney, and you can certainly see her love for all things Mickey especially!!

I have to share a quick story.  We met on a forum for electronic cutters  4-5 years ago  and over time we found out that we not only lived in the same state, but were in the same city - and believe it or not, only four blocks apart!!  She has become such a special friend and I cannot imagine not having her in my life.  And I LOVE her designs and know she has quite a cult following - and rightly so.

So a few years ago as her birthday approached, I decided to use her files to make her a card - and incorporate as many different ones as I could.  Each year since,  I have tried to outdo myself!!  I love a challenge!  LOL  Not sure I exceeded the number of files used last year, but I did have a lot of fun putting her card together......

If you are a collector of Ducky's files, here are the ones I used....
Birthday Alphabet "D"  (the letter)
Birthday Alphabet "W" (the hat from the monkey!)
Alpha Charms (the small letters that spell "Ducky"
Treasure Box (the shamrock border)
Mickey Lying Down
Birthday Mickey (the balloons)
Look Who's Birthday?? ( the frame behind the letter )

Coming up with the vision was fun.  Her files lend themselves to all sorts of creativity. It was exciting  to see it come together!

Most of the papers are from  The Paper Temptress - many colors of the Mica text weight and some of the Pop Tones. I am excited to share the detail I was able to get with the Silver Bullet Professional. As many different things as I have cut on the machine, I am still caught off guard by the precision and detail with which it cuts.  Mickey's gloved hands were three separate pieces on one hand and SO small - as were the whites of his eyes.  Pretty incredible!!

The letter charms (only 1/2" thick), main letter and balloons were coated with an iridescent medium.  It created a sort of webbing on the letters and dried quickly.  I  love the way it shimmers and best of all it didn't weaken the paper or distort it!

The clover border outline is just under 1 MM  thick - or I should say thin!

Here is another photo of Mickey resized much smaller then the original design and perfectly cut.
This Mickey is 3 1/2" long (including the 1/2" tail!!) and 2 1/2" tall)
Look at how THIN the tail is!!

And I am so happy with the final results.

  Happy Birthday, Ducky!

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  1. Great card and use of Ducky's files!!!

  2. Thanks sweetie. I hope she isn't reading the blog because the card is still on my entry table!! Hope to see her this weekend!!

  3. Oh it is so great when you can be almost a whole year ahead on a birthday card.
    Oh wait, was it for 2013 St. Patrick's day?????
    You did an outstanding job.
    As always, you did out do yourself!!!

  4. That turned out SO CUTE!!!!!! I KNOW Ducky loved that!!!

  5. Oh Nance - very funny - NOT!! It was actually finished by the day but she has not been around to deliver it - so I just held the post. I only wish I could be a month ahead, let alone a year!! LOL Thank you!

    And thanks Penny. I hope she likes it. Hope to see her this weekend!