Sunday, February 3, 2013


Back again to finish this painful story!.  The class has completed day 5 and I just recently finished day ONE. That doesn't bode well for my standing in the class!!  **sigh**

So Wednesday, on day 3 of the class, I began my attempts at the day one homework/challenge!  I spent the entire day on this simple card!  I made masks (using the Silver Bullet Professional Electronic Cutting Machine which I LOVE) for the sample talk  bubbles (thanks to the kindness and help of Penny Duncan!) and laid it out and colored them in with inks.  It looked blotchy (they recommended Hero Arts and I used Brilliance the first time and Memento the second –neither was perfect.  And yes – there was a second time – and more.  So the first time the template moved a little and there was ink in places there shouldn’t have been.  I still tried to stamp the greetings using the Fiskars stamp press that I like most of the time – not this time!! I rubbed and rubbed – no luck – stamped greetings were too hit and miss – contribution #1 to the trash!!!

Second attempt was with memento inks – was almost perfect til the stamping of the greetings – trash #2 and a few choice words…

Third attempt ... I put the acrylic templates in a plastic bag and  decided they needed a rest.  They were not my friends at that moment!  So I cut the talk bubbles out on my Silver Bullet Pro!  I made shadow layers ,welded them in SCAL and cut them out in one piece in black – perfect.   I used a mica paper that had a slight shimmer to it.
I then taped everything down and it looked great.  I was tasting sweet success around the corner!  Chose an ink I thought would work well on the mica.  I should have tested it first but I was so sure. Big mistake!!  That attempt sailed straight into the trash bin. But I was able to save the black shadows.  Phew.

FOURTH attempt and a lot more frustration spewing out.  I stupidly used the mica again- I thought the problem had been the ink. Fast forward to the end.  No go.  The trash pile was growing quickly and taking over a corner of the craftroom.  At least it was colorful!

FINAL ATTEMPT – I was determined not to let this get me down!  I decided to use the Pop Tone paper from Paper Temptress. I hoped the matte surface  would work to my advantage.  I was getting quite adept at placing the cut out shapes neatly on the shadow layer! 

Finally - success!! It was NOT perfect... not even close!  I wanted to  pop up the talk bubbles for dimension but refrained trying to follow what few rules I had not already broken!!  And had to add a little bling with pearls and rhinestones .

I wonder if I had used versamark to stamp (as instructed in the tutorial) and then embossing powder if that would have made a difference.  Will never know this round and not sure I want to experiment any time soon!! 

I have been following the card projects over the past week, and even though I am WAY behind and clearly timid to try again, I just may.  I will be sure to share my adventures!!

I have clearly validated my belief that I am not a clean and simple person. I love layers!! But - I am not giving up quite yet. There may be a glimmer of hope if I can hang in there!

Hope I gave you all a chuckle.  I now humbly share the finished product with you.  

My photo is a bit more cluttered than I would like, but I just wanted to be done with this project!!  And I chose to make a half fold card instead of an A2 because...... well..... because that is my preferred size most of the time.  So it gave me a lot more room for error!! When will I learn??

Planning some never tried baking/cooking experiments in the next week. Stay tuned for more adventures. 

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