Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not always successful....

My granddaughters LOVE Nutella.  I don't mean just LIKE it......... they LOVE it as in they would happily eat it at every meal, especially the younger one! When she (Haley) was little, she loved peanut butter - well as long as you didn't call it that!!  LOL..  If you said ," Would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?"  she would quickly respond, " Peanut and jelly - no butter!!"  I know  - I still laugh thinking about that cute little two year old looking so seriously at me!  She is now almost SEVEN!  And NOW, she will have NOTHING to do with peanut no butter, unless you hide it well.

So this was my attempt to hide it, but I totally forgot about the miniature Reese's peanut butter cups!  Oh well.......  I was too committed to make this wonderful recipe for Nutella Swirled Peanut Butter Banana Bread!  I am a fan of Sally's Baking Addiction and am in awe of her photos.  

So I armed myself with the ingredients intent on success.  I am ever grateful for one of the first things my Mother taught me when I began cooking - to take all of your ingredients out first and put them away as you use them.  Then you won't wonder if you forgot to put something in the recipe.  It has saved me on many occasions when I have been interrupted.  So here are the main players (minus a few ingredients that are on the other counter  - oops!)
I am not a gourmet cook or professional baker by any means, but I do have more successes than failures in the kitchen and I really do enjoy it, especially when I have someone around to enjoy it!

How scrumptious does this look now??
Look at those mini peanut butter cups!! OMG!  Yes I few just accidentally slipped into my mouth while I was peeling off  the papers - quality control check of course!

And then the star of the recipe for Haley............NUTELLA!
The recipe said heaping so I took it literally!!  In retrospect, that may have been my downfall - but it looked good at the  time!  And it swirled in beautifully!

 Fifty minutes later I checked it several times with my cake tester and it came out clean.  I thought  I was good to go.  Looks and smells fabulous
 Well all went well until I took it out of the pan.  Even though I tested it, the center caved in - kind of how my heart felt as I watched it happen.  This picture is painful......
See the crack in the middle??  Yes I was hoping the mini peanut butter cups would soften the structural blemish and you wouldn't mind as much!

The recipe is fabulous - it was the cook who blew it this time!
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