Friday, February 1, 2013

Just saying hello!

I often wondered what I would write about if I had a blog. And what in the world could I possibly share that has not been shared by hundreds of others already?  Yet something deep inside nagged at me to move forward anyway.  So here I am!!

Over the past few months, I have become obsessed with all of the food blogs out there.  I am in awe of the talent and creativity, but also acutely aware that almost everyone writing is SO young.  I have children older than most of them!  That is a bit daunting to admit!  But it's true.

And even though I admire all that they are doing, it seems that there is a screaming need for the older - I mean - more experienced person to jump in and remind the blogging community that we are out here too!!  So........ here I go!

I can barely remember when I didn't love creating with my hands - as a young child it was baking and sewing, in college it was needlework, with a young family it was different forms of needlework. and in recent years it has been cards of all styles, needlework (never lost my love for that) and a renewed love for cooking and baking.  The latter becomes more challenging when you no longer have eager appetites awaiting the creations, but I have learned to do a lot of sharing in the neighborhood.

So I look forward to sharing my "Crafting Crumbs" with you.

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I am a mother to three and Grammy to two beautiful granddaughters and one very handsome little grandson.  Was born and raised in southern California and am happy to call it home.  I fill my days with volunteer work, paper crafting, needlework of all kinds and cooking and baking.   I am blessed with wonderful family and friends who fill my heart on a daily basis.