Saturday, February 2, 2013


Well I did it. I failed my second class since college.  and it brings back all of those horrible feelings.  It was Geology - a required science.  I even had a tutor and studied harder than I ever had.  School came pretty easily to me, but not this class.  Even when I thought I had it all figured out - I clearly didn't!!  It was a cruel joke my mine played on me.  And my grade validated that. Oh the shame...

So here I am, more than 30 years later..... (we will leave it at that - you do the math...)  I am taking the Online Card Class, Clean and Simple CardMaking 2.  I love the look of it - I mean I really love it  And if I could embrace it, I could create so many more cards in less time.  But I am learning, quite quickly, that I am NOT a clean and simple kinda woman.  Even if I don't get ink in the wrong spots, even  if I follow all of the directions and my card looks just like, ok almost like, the example.  Even if it's perfect.... I don't like it.  I need depth and accents and more "stuff".  I am, however, learning some great tips and tricks that translate over to any style of card making, but as an overall technique, I CANNOT do it!    I am failing, yet again and feeling all of the defeat.  :(  I promise to share the whole story tomorrow!  Bear with me as I get used to sharing the ups and downs.  Hopefully there will be more successes in the near future!

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