Friday, February 8, 2013

Goodies for the Girls!

There really is NO point to being a "Grammy" if you cannot spoil your grandchildren.  And I am so blessed to have two gorgeous and adorable granddaughters.  (Don't get me wrong - I have three grown children that I dearly love, but there is absolutely nothing quite like grandchildren!)

So...... I have been baking.  First on the list was chocolate chip cookies, but not just ANY chocolate chip cookies!  I used the recipe from "Two Peas and Their Pod" for their yummy salted caramel chocolate chip cookies!

Just look at this YUMMY cookie dough...
See the SEA SALT sprinkled on top???

OMG -  salty sweet goodness mixed with the Kraft Caramel Bits!!!

I have to make myself forget that these are sitting in the kitchen!!!    They are for the GIRLS - oh yeah - right!!                         There they are..........waiting.......patiently...........

And a view from the top!

Can't you just smell the chocolate chips and caramel???  Oops.......... I think one managed to escape.........  OMG........ it was ooey gooey deliciousness!!
This is make me hungry.......  Will share the swirled nutella bread tomorrow!!  Hope you have a great weekend and as much fun as I am going to have with my girls!! :)

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