Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Remembering a GREAT weekend...

It's so quiet here. My daughter and granddaughters left yesterday morning at 5 AM (yes there is life at that hour, but just barely!) and started their long drive home. They arrived safely which is always a blessing, but I miss them so. I don't think, as a parent, you ever get over having your children visit and leave, no matter what the age. But as sad as I was to say goodbye, my mind and heart are full of fun, warm, loving memories. We had one of the best times ever - and it was non-stop! I am happily exhausted.

One of the main things promised to the girls was a walk out on the Oceanside Pier for lunch at Ruby's that sits right at the end of the pier. Early reports predicted rain on Sunday so we were a bit concerned about the plans, but the rain was gone by Saturday morning. What came instead of the rain was incredibly cold weather. For anyone reading this on the east coast, forgive my description of cold. I realize that weather in the low 50s is short and t-shirt season for you!! But for those of us in southern CA, when it hits 33 at night and 55 in the day for a high, that is truly COLD for us!!

The skies were cloudy and it is always windier at the ocean, so we were bundled up for our mile walk out. Usually there are a lot of people fishing, but there were just a few. The day had a bit of a treacherous look about it.

And people were surfing!...
BRRRRR!  It's cold in there!!!

And then there were the winged visitors.... not sure who was checking whom out!!

A pelican stare down!
Someone said this was an egret - I thought they were larger!!

And always seagulls abound - keeping guard over the fishing poles and bait!!
What you cannot see is how hazardous it is. Yes the pier planks are old and uneven - but I am referring more to the danger overhead!!  LOL  Those birds are everywhere swooping for any fish or bait that they can quickly steal - and trust me, they do!!

And there is always the one who wants to entertain the crowd.

Needless to say, there is plenty of entertainment walking back and forth. But getting to the end is the reward!  Behind the girls is the ocean and there were schools of dolphins diving in the surf - it was very cool. This is one time I longed for a telephoto camera instead of my Windows phone!

Lunch was great fun with burgers and milkshakes (the girls indulged  - Haley had a double vanilla milkshake and Kendra had a Shirley Temple milkshake (imagine cherry vanilla).  SO much fun.

The walk back was uneventful - more dodging of birds and the sun was beginning to creep out from behind the clouds.....
And this pelican was a riot standing guard over a little kiosk (off to the right)...

Here is a closeup of the sign...
And they do!!!  LOL

It was a glorious day, yummy food and the  most wonderful memories ever. Hope you enjoyed a bit of not so sunny California!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. I can just vision the wonderful time you all had together....cold or not....love the pics...your phone did a terrific job!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Penny. Yes the phone did super - and I am finally remembering that I really DO have a camera on me at all times!! It was a great day!

  4. Sounds like an extremely wonderful day...cold and all. Glad the rain left and you got to walk to the end of the pier...burgers and milkshakes YUMMY!! Good to know they arrived at their home safely.

    1. Thanks Lisa. It was truly magical - even the gray sky was beautiful in its own way. Food was yummy, I miss them so!

  5. The funny thing about this post................
    We have that same sing on our front door........
    But instead of "Brown Pelican" it says "Crazy People" LOLOLOL
    Hugs and loves,

    1. LOL - love it!!! I am guessing you don't bite, but not sure about that part! LOL

      Thanks Nance!