Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Glass, Glaze, Glitter and Glow!!

I love to make cards. Unfortunately the ideas do not always come as the need arises, but I try to push through it.  I have been in a rut lately, needing to make a LOT of cards for October and feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.

So when I decided to participate in a challenge on the "That's Scrap Inc" forum (for cutting machines), I was ready to push out of my comfort zone.... and push I did!  LOL  It was all about doing something with glass containers, vinyl and glitter. I love cutting vinyl because you can do the most detailed work with ease.  But I couldn't think of anything to do.  I scanned all of the vases and jars sitting stored in my garage. They were just begging to be used. But of course none of the dozens were quite right!!  So I finally settled on a trio of square candle holders.  I found a new website of designs from Lori Whitlock and grabbed some of her flourished leaves.  I also was drawn to a quatrafoil background that was a tracing of a design (thank you Lisa!!) .  It was starting to come together - at least in my head!!

So technically, I didn't really use vinyl - but it's close. It's patterned contact paper and it just said "fall" to me. I don't decorate for Halloween anymore with all of the kids grown and the grandkids away, so I chose a simple autumn theme to carry me through the next couple of months.  I am hoping that if I decorate for fall it will start to feel like it here!!  It will be in the 80s again today and then 90s this weekend  - ugh!  I am SO ready to pull out my boots and sweaters and cuddle up on the couch with my dogs in front of the fireplace. Somehow the ambiance of the air conditioner is less than comforting! But enough of my whining......

So here is my project.  I used the acrylic glitter glaze from Dick Blick (it has been waiting for some attention) and then used Distress Rock Candy glitter to further add to the sparkle on the inside. It added a nice background to the vinyl cutouts.  Then I picked up some battery tea lights from Michaels and added a variety of glass pebbles, both in the containers and sprinkled around.

Step 1 - paint glitter glaze and add dry glitter to coat.  It looks nicer after it dries!!

These are the products I used on the inside of the candle holders.

Step 2.  Apply the vinyl cut outs.  It was super easy to do with the transfer tape.

This is just a test run to see how they look with the battery candles!

A closeup of the larger center candle.

One side of one of the smaller candles.

Candles arranged for a day time display.  Love the colored glass pebbles!

The glow at night.........

The finished arrangement

I am really happy with the effects and they look really festive at night. I would definitely do this again.

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