Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Special Birthday!

All of a sudden, October had become a VERY busy month for family and friend greeting cards.  So you will be seeing a lot of sharing this month, and I will try to be more creative and try some new things.  I am definitely in the mood to stretch my wings - a little! :)

This first card is the "negative" of a tulip frame card that I featured here.  If you scroll down in that post to the red and gold tulip framed card , you will be reminded of that beautiful file from Monica - and that was the positive or main image.

Well guess what?  Yep  - I saved the negative image with double sided adhesive attached just waiting for the right person or occasion - and it happened!  I have a dear friend, who recently moved from our city to Las Vegas.  So now she is amid the bright lights and dazzle of that most interesting city!!  And I know I have not lost a friend, but gained a new place to travel!! I can hardly wait.

Here is where the project started - the positive and the negative.

The original image is on the left - the negative or remaining pieces are on the right.  That part
was covered in double sided adhesive.

I simply sprinkled the adhesive with  Ritz poppy orange glitter and voila - instant card front!

This is the image with the double sided adhesive covered in glitter.

 I layered a flower image in the center with foam adhesive and accented the center of the little flower with some glitter glue. The card base is Paper Temptress Mica card stock - I am addicted to the mica and lustre line!

A side view showing the dimension of the 3D flower

I will have another postive/negative card set in a few days. In the meantime, I just want to say...


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