Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Rose for a June birthday!

It was time to make a birthday card for a dear friend and I was at a loss for an idea until I thought about doing a birthday flower.  And lucky for me it was a rose as that gave me a lot of options - well it would have had I not waiting until the day before to make it.  I used make cards weeks in advance of a needed date, but those times seem to be part of the past!!

I knew that Dominic (Crafty Vector) had wonderful flower file cards that needed very little embellishment, so I relied on his rose to make my card.

My Silver Bullet Professional did an awesome job of cutting this file, so well that I will be able to make two cards from one file .

The card front turned into the birthday card, and the remaining pieces, on the right, will be a card later in the week!  I cut out two shadow layers - one in a slightly lighter color to go behind the rose on the left and provide some contrast, and the second was out of double sided adhesive to pick up the pieces on the right.

Here is the finished card.

I also quickly (the afternoon of the celebration!!) decided to make some monogrammed notecards for her, using my FoilMaster that I am loving!

I have learned that if I print on the laser at a dpi of 1200, I will get better results.  Unfortunately because I was in a hurry I didn't catch my mistake and printed at a lower dpi, so the foil did not adhere as well as I know it can. It gave the monogram a sort of enameled effect and she loved them so that's great!! 

Next time I will be more careful and try not to get an idea at the LAST minute!!  I am eager to make more monogrammed notecards as this was really fun!

This was the basic printed notecard.  The filigree on the top and bottom was done in silver on 4 of the notecards and gold on the other 4.  The monograms were all a different color.

I am still struggling with getting good photos of foiling, but this at least shows the blue and the gold!

The final product was placed in a plastic card box with 8 vellum envelopes and tied with twine!

It was a fun project that I am eager to try again!
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