Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Neighborly Get Well

I am WAY out of my comfort zone on this project! Let me make that clear right from the start - the results will support that!

There was a time when I used my markers to color stamped images all of the time, but my first love was coloring with pencils and blending them.  After this marker meltdown, I am remembering why I loved pencil coloring so much  - I felt like I had more control and I really loved it. (and mistakes were easier to cover!!)  So the next project that I color will be with pencils!  Ok - enough of my excuses!

One of our dear neighbors had surgery Friday so he is off his feet for THREE weeks. I found the perfect digi image from Birds Cards to portray his current predicament!!  He will have to go through a series of boots as he begins the recovery process.  It's a long haul , but I am sure will be worth it when he can finally walk without experiencing constant pain.. Hopefully he will be up and around sooner than expected! (But he has to be really careful so his wife is on patrol!!!)

So on to the card.... I printed the image on Paper Temptress Cryogen card stock and used the Print and Cut method in SCAL - I love how easy it makes this process. I first printed the image on my laser printer , foiled the outside text in the circle and then used the print and cut to method with my Silver Bullet Professional to cut it out perfectly.

You can see the bronze foiling on the text around the circle. 
Have I said lately how much I love my FoilMaster???

 Then I printed it again, but this time used SCAL to make a shadow layer of the inner image and cut that out. This is when I ran into trouble with the markers. Even though I used a cardstock I have used before, the colors seemed to really bleed.  After I was done I covered the turtle skin in crackle accents so it would get some fine lines in it, and then used glossy accents for the eye and the shell. The green and bronze papers are both from  the Paper Temptress Mica line.

I love how the Crackle Accents gave the turtle skin some "wrinkles"!!

It really is a simple card, I think I have just forgotten all that I learned years ago about coloring with markers! So back to the colored pencils for me!!

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