Friday, April 17, 2015

Iris Folding Thinking of You...

As I have done time and time again, when I get stuck for an idea, I fall back on early Dutch papercrafting techniques I learned ages ago - spirella, card embroidery, teabag folding, and iris folding among others.  Because I have done them for long, they tend to ground me in something I am really comfortable doing and then the ideas just come.

This time I needed a "thinking of you " card for a neighbor going through a tough time.  He and his wife are wonderful people, and I just wanted to try to brighten his life a little - hence the idea of the sun... and then it all came together.  I didn't glue all of the edges of the "sun" down on purpose to give it a little dimension.

Here is a closeup of the folding and the holographic paper in the center...

I love the vibrancy and interest that iris folding adds to the card - and it is just so easy!  So the next time you feel stumped, consider opening up a design and filling it with coordinating patterns to create a special effect in a very simple way.

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