Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baby Shower...... Part Two!

So it is difficult for me to let any occasion pass without a card, or in this case two! (will explain in a minute!). We were, however, supposed to bring a book for the baby instead of a card.   But I somehow could not fathom not making a card so I did a very simple one, thanks to a design from Miss Kate's Cuttables.  The paper is from Paper Temptress and I repeated the gold heart "theme" in the card.

I took several pictures of the card because every now and then this amazing machine surprises even me. Look at the minute detail in the background piece - the bow under the balloon and the string.  That is so fine and it cut perfectly with no problems at all.  This one was really fun!

This is the backing piece of the three part giraffe!

The detail in this little bow - just had to show how thin it is...

And the balloon string is really as thin as a real string...

I made a second card since Megan's Mom and I went in on a gift together and of course it needed a greeting card from us! So...... stumped for an idea,  I went back to the theme colors of the shower  (black, white and gold) and incorporated the gold heart again that was prominent on the invitation and did an iris folding heart pattern using the leftover black and white patterned paper from the banner along with other remnants that I had.   The lettering was cut out of Duck vinyl that was textured. I would not recommend it for a delicate font because of the ribbing in it, but for this it was perfect. Simple card but full of love from both of the grandmas.  I really love how this turned out too.

Two totally different cards, but both full of promise and joy... and of course, love...

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