Wednesday, August 3, 2016

From Baby to Boy to Young Man - 27 Years to Celebrate!

Yesterday was the birthday of my youngest.  As I have said before, male cards are not my forte, but Rob makes it a little easier for me because I see him fairly often and know what he is "into"  - and it's no surprise that he is an avid Pokéman Go player/walker/streamer.  So it made the card decision easy.

It was not difficult to find logos of Pokéman Go - but finding a good quality and one that would trace was a different story.  I just kept it simple with a print and cut and fun background elements. And he loved it so that was my goal!  He is now sporting a Fitbit Blaze which he really wanted as his android knockoff was not working well.  The good thing about Pokéman Go is that it is getting him off his computer and out of his apartment. He has been walking a minimum of three miles a day (guesstimate) so now he can actually track it.

I don't now when this current game craze will be over, but I love that people are getting out and seeing the world around them in a different way.  Just hope everyone pays attention and plays safely (such a "Mom comment"!)

Happy 27th Birthday, Rob!

Simple print and cut - wanted the full image (bottom)
and just the logo from the top piece -
that's why the registration marks don't encompass the entire print.

Perfect cuts every time - love the ease of this.

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