Friday, August 26, 2016

And More Summer Cards...

Sometimes a card is needed "just because".  So these two cards, each very different, were created just because I wanted to say, "I care..."

This anchor is from Miss Kate's Cuttables.  Her daily freebies are great.
You can see the intricacy of the rope cut in this design - it is so thin yet cut perfectly.

The first card is all about encouragement.  "Hope Anchors the Soul".  I love that saying and it is so true.  Without hope, what do we really have?  With hope, we have the grounding to move on  - the anchor we all need during difficult times in our lives.

I kept this card simple because I wanted the message to be
the focal point.  I just added simple silver brads, cut off, to give it
a bit of interest and texture.

This is for a family member who has been heroically fighting a battle against cancer and she is winning battle after battle. I  have no doubt she will be victorious in this war and I just wanted to remind her that there are a lot of us hoping and praying for her and her family.  She has been an inspiration to all of us.


Have you been tempted to try any of the fascinating and intricate coloring books for adults that are dominating the craft world?   I know they pop up on my Amazon recommended list weekly and I have been intrigued, but have resisted..  I think I am waiting for the "perfect" time and have been feeling a little funny about coloring at my age!  Oh, I have been so wrong to not dive right in!  The coloring cards and panels made by Gina K Designs totally changed my mind and I am SO glad!.  They come in a set of 10 - 5 different patterns, so you have 2 of each design.  They are laser printed so you can foil them and/or color them with any medium you choose.  I chose this one and I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I received from just taking my time and coloring.

  I used the Spectrum Noir markers and found it totally relaxing and addicting.  I didn't have any idea what colors I wanted to use - I just knew I wanted it to be bright and cheery and I think I achieved that.  I just love this.  I highlighted some of the black detail with a crystal gel pen to give it a little shimmer in the light, and backed the card panel with complementary colors (Paper Temptress Mica card stock of course!)  I honestly cannot wait to do another one.

If you like this design, you can see more of Gina K and
her creativity here.

With all of the line art on the internet, it would not be difficult to make your own, but I love the way Gina K put all of the artsy elements together.  I hope my dear friend felt the love that went into this card.  I hope it made her feel special.

That's it for now. I still have a couple of birthday cards to make before the month is over - phew! 

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