Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heritage Ball Thank You

This is the last time.  Yes I have said it before but I am getting old"ER"....... and burned out..... at least with some things!  I have chaired a lot of fundraising events over the years and I love it because I have learned many of the tricks from many talented people over the years and organizing and cheering people on is easy for me.  But.....I am tired.  It takes a lot of time and energy to do a really good job and I am ready to back away. So my last one (so help me, I mean it this time) is now...tonight (Saturday!).  It is a fundraiser for one of the CA Missions which is a remarkable national historic landmark.  It is rare to have historical landmarks on this side of the country, but for whatever reason, it is challenging to raise funds for this 200 year old Mission.  Much of the existing architecture is original  and is just so amazing - historical, spiritual, and magical all in one.  The grounds are beautiful and they are opened up to all of us for the ball that is held outside in the gardens.  The venue is really breathtaking.  The powers that be have decided that this will indeed be the LAST Heritage ball - after a great 32 year run.    (I can remember attending with my parents as a young woman... it was magical even then and is full of wonderful memories...) That is a long time to hold an event and there are now a lot of other organizations and causes fighting for donor dollars from the same group of people. So it is time to move on, go out on a high, and create something new going forward.  So we all put a lot of effort into this black tie event to pull out all of the stops this year, including fireworks!  My fingers are crossed that all goes off as planned - or even better ! :)

So this year the colors were gold and green and the theme was an elegant summer garden. With the heat we have already experienced, we figured it was a good way to go. :)  (and as I write this, we are having an unprecedented heat wave and breaking records.  It will be over 90 in the heat of the day today so flowers will NOT be going on the tables until the last minutes.)  The good thing is that because the Mission is in a valley, once the sun sets, there will be a wonderful breeze through the area and everyone should be comfortable - eventually!

Over the years, when I have chaired an event, I have tried to make the committee a thank you card and mail it out the day of the event so they receive it the Monday after.  I just want everyone to know their help and support has been so appreciated and is not contingent on how well things go that night -  they helped it all come together and worked hard and that is all anyone can do.  We cannot control what happens that evening - we can only set the stage for success.

The print and cut background 

Print and cut flower with shadow layer...

I often do a cut file from the invitation, but this was a bit more challenging as it was a flowing arrangement of cascading flowers. So I ended up doing a print and cut of the background and of one single rose.  Both were backed in a solid color (the green of the theme) and then assembled. The rose is popped up on foam dots for a touch of dimension and interest.  I wanted it to look elegant and I think I achieved that, as much as possible.  Hopefully they will be delivered on Monday and the recipients will feel appreciated. They truly are....

The label on the back with the themed floral - a simple memento

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