Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Ode to a Wonderful Friend

If we are lucky, there are times in our lives when we are blessed with unexpected angels.  Sometimes they take the form of humans; other times animals....but forever friends regardless.

Today is a day to pay tribute to one such animal -  my special Honey girl.

She was a rescue and came into my life at a time when my other cocker spaniel was dying of cancer, only I didn't  know it then. Four months later, my black cocker, Misty,  was gone and Honey helped ease the pain of that horrible loss.  Honey had led a difficult life. She had been on the streets for over a year, at best guess, and her stomach, skin and ears were a wreck when I got her.  I am not sure she ever had a really totally healthy day in her life, but that little girl had the fighting spirit of a warrior.  She never ever complained no matter what - through pills, blood work, trips to the vet,  different foods to try to ease her problems - she just kept wagging that little tail, gave kisses readily, and always jumped for treats.  She was the happiest little girl no matter how she felt - until the past month or so.

It was a GREAT seven years with her, albeit a bit of a roller coaster ride.  She was only alone with me for a few months when we added Roxy to the family.  Miss Roxy is a character to say the least.  She was 18 months when I got her, also a rescue and she is now almost 9. (somehow that just doesn't seem right because she still acts like a teenager!)  Where has the time gone?

Best friend, Roxy

Roxy and Honey became the very best of friends.  They have been inseparable over these past seven years and I have been so fortunate to have watched them bond.  Roxy was still a bit of a puppy when she came into the house and she taught Honey how to play - to pick up a toy and trot around the house. She showed Honey how to have fun.  They ate together, slept together, explored the yard together, and clearly got in a bit of trouble together, but not too much. - just enough to keep me laughing at the antics.  It has been an incredible bond.

My granddaughters with the girls many years ago.....wonderful memories...


Best buddies...

Inseparable friends... (under my computer desk - a favorite cuddle place)

The past couple of months have not been easy on Honey.  She was having increased trouble eating and breathing. She was coughing a lot.  Her adrenal system has been shutting down and today the dr. confirmed that her heart was working way too hard.  She has had a couple of mini strokes the past few weeks and every time she has bounced back, but it's been harder and harder - on her and on me. Oh that sounds so selfish.  But watching her struggle has not been easy.    A very special friend once told me that  "dogs are about fun. And when they can't have fun anymore, it's time to let go..."So with a heavy heart and a lot of tears, I released her to the angels today.

She had to fight every day of her life.  Nothing was ever easy for her  - not ever. But she loved with all of her heart and soul and she gave it so freely.  She taught me so much about life and living with challenges.  She set the bar for me.  She made me want to embrace life like she did and appreciate every single moment. She took nothing for granted and greeted every new day with all that she had. She was my shining star and always will be.

We should all be so lucky to know that kind of unconditional love, acceptance and appreciation.

I loved her with all of my heart and she will always  have a piece of it.  I pray she is scampering over the Rainbow Bridge, free from pain for the first time in her life and playing with all of the energy she always wanted to have and remembering how very much she was loved - and always will be.

Thank you Miss Honey for all that you gave me. I wish you everlasting happiness.  I am forever grateful.
 I love you.

And I miss you so.............  

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