Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Day Long Card....

Wouldn't you know that when I have a day set aside to make a lot of cards and get so many things accomplished that fate would intervene and turn my plans upside down?? Such was the day I tried to make a birthday card for a friend who is turning sixty in a couple of weeks.  I literally destroyed at least 5 sheets of card stock and twice as many text weight sheets to get this card to even start to look right.  And even though I was tempted to stop with each  disaster, I was determined to make this card work.  And I think I finally made something that I can accept as good enough!  That is hard for me - I want my cards to be perfect but they just aren't all going to be fabulous or easy!!

The file is from Birds Cards and it is an accordion card. It didn't help that I had never made an accordion card before so I had NO clue what I was doing!!  And there were a lot of parts to this card - several card bases, acetate panels to go behind each cut out section, and frames to cover both sides of each cut out!  Could I have made it more difficult??  I also used her Flowers 1 file.

I finally utilized some digi paper from Sassy Designs - Rosanna and I love the colors.  I have been collecting digi papers for a while so it was fun to put one to good use.  It was a perfect match for the blue paper I was using  - the ice blue sorbet from Paper Temptress.

I  also have a new tool for making bows - it is called "the Bow It All".  It makes bows from 1/2" to 9". I have used a lot of bow makers over the years and up until now my favorite has been the Bow Easy - because it was just that  - EASY!! But I was limited in size to what I could do.  Some others were just too complicated and I am bow-challenged enough without having a gadget sabotage me even more!  If you make a lot of bows, I highly recommend this.  Watch for a sale as it is a little pricey - I was lucky enough to find it at about 50% off. I know I will be using this a lot as I get more comfortable with all of the styles of bows I can make...

An accordion fold card all spread out so you can see the panels.There is acetate behind each cut 
and the patterned paper is on both sides of each panel.

Tried to separate the panels a bit so you can see the word on each section.
These are two separate sections that are joined by a tab connecting them.

The final card. Not sure I would jump to do this soon, 
but I am glad I stuck with it!!

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