Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Youngest Son!!

My "baby" is turning 24 today.  How did that happen?  I can still remember bringing him home when he was two days old. His sister was 11 at the time and his brother 14!  Yes there is a huge gap, but this special young man was very much wanted and planned for.  He is adopted and a very special gift.

I have three wonderful children and they are each different and unique. Only my youngest is adopted but he is the one who really taught me about love in an unexpected way.

By entering my life, he taught me that it doesn't matter how you enter someone's life, only that you do.  Love truly knows no bounds.   Children are born in your heart.  Nothing else matters.  He is a product of my heart as are each of the other two.  I gave each of them my heart the day they were born and the amazing thing about that, is that somehow, the heart manages to grow as big as you need it to grow to meet the demands placed upon it.  It allows you to love until you feel it might burst, but it never does.  It pours out love in infinite abundance.  What a miracle that is!!

Good thing he doesn't read my blog - he would be embarrassed!!

Ok - card details.  I used the Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and SCAL to do a simple print and cut.  I loved the expression on this policeman!  The rest just seemed to come together. The stop sign is on foam tape as is the policeman so he stand out a little!  The card stock is from Paper Temptress (PopTones) and the yellow was embossed with an M-Bossabilities folder - Bricks!  I like the little bit of texture.  This is really quite simple - I just wanted it to be fun.  The "celebrate" text was printed in Microsoft Word with a border. Yes I went back to basics on this one!!!

So today, on the 24th birthday of my youngest son, I wish him all that life has to offer.  He has a college degree but that has not transpired into a "real" job, so he just completed classes to become a security guard, thus the policeman on his birthday card - it was the closest I could get!!


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