Saturday, October 21, 2017

Condo Decorating with the Silver Bullet

So finally...... I can share with you a project that I created about a year and a half ago.  I have been waiting until all of the remodeling and patching and painting - and more patching and painting was finished so I could hang them and really show you the finished product in its new habitat!

The idea for these pictures came from Bed Bath and Beyond a couple of years ago. They had stenciled "art" hanging on the wall of the store and they were selling for about $15 apiece. I thought... "hmmm... I can do that!"  So I did!!  And it probably cost me less than $15 for all four of them. What a deal!!

I hope you enjoy these and that it gives you some ideas for super easy and fun decorating. They really add a nice touch to my beach condo.

The mirrored card stock behind the cut out stenciled image
is amazingly reflective and really looks like expensive mirror glass.
It makes it a very cost effective and fun project.

I love this angelfish (at least that is what I have always called them!

The pelican looks pretty laid back and relaxed to me!

Enjoying the many inhabitants of the ocean and the shore helps me totally unwind.  I can (and do) sit and stare at the beautiful view daily.  And whether I just have a few minutes or longer, I love it!

Finally these are hanging up in my home - two on the left wall of the entry....l

....And two on the right wall of the entry!

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