Saturday, October 7, 2017

A SeaHawk Birthday Card

My neighbor (the same one who got me hooked on the Traeger) is a die-hard SeaHawk fan.  His enthusiasm for the team is only surpassed by that of his wife's.  Oh how they love their team!

So when his birthday rolled around recently, and just happened to coincide with the football season's first game - the theme of his birthday card was a no brainer!

I found a logo online, traced it, tried to duplicate the colors as much as possible - and created this fun card.

The Happy Birthday greeting is a digi stamp from Graciellie Designs, Elegant Greetings.  It is printed on a laser transparency and then foiled.  It's an easy and fun way to 
add an interesting background.

I tried to get the coloring of the foil, but also got the reflection of the transparency.

I had to include a closeup of the mascot!  And yes, there is green shimmer in his eye!

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