Thursday, May 4, 2017

More Cards to Share,,,,

 It seems the older I get, the more I am making get well and sympathy cards.  And maybe that's not true - perhaps the numbers have not changed all that much, but they are certainly impacting me more!

Some dear friends in northern CA lost a family member recently.  It was not totally unexpected, but no matter how old you are or how prepared you "think" you are, it is always difficult to lose a parent.
They have been so grounding most of our lives and it throws off the balance of our world for a time being and pushes us up into that role of Matriarch or Patriarch, depending.  I don't think we are ever ready for that. I know I wasn't.

This was a simple card - basically it's a reverse stencil that I cut out of the background rather than using the individual pieces.  It gives the look of an inlaid design and I like that.  I just wanted them to know that they were in my thoughts and prayers.

My neighbors are having an extended stay next door.  They have been living in the condo while he recovers from foot surgery.  They have a huge beautiful home not far from here, but it is three stories so staying in the condo with one level and elevator access to it from the garage, makes this the perfect place for healing! He has had complications, so their stay here has been extended. I am not complaining because I enjoy having someone next door.

I used the FoilMaster to craft his get well card and, as usual, I am now looking at new fun ways to use foil. Be prepared to see more of it because I am loving the look of it and between the laser printer and the FoilMaster, they are providing great results.  Photographing it is challenging...the colors are so beautiful.

This is a simple leaf pattern from a stencil that I printed on a  laser
monoprinter.  The intensity of the black is stronger and gives better foiling results, 
especially when I print at 1200 dpi.

Now you can see how beautiful the colors of the watercolor foil are - 
so many soft shades of green.  You have to catch it in the right light 
and then the colors come to life!

Another angle shows a wider variety of colors.
 An embossed "frame" made it complete.


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