Monday, June 6, 2016

Office/Craft Room REVEAL....

Moving into the craft room...... yes I had post-it notes
on everything to help me organize all of the supplies,.
It was a monumental task - but SO worth it!

More boxes and post-it notes!  I think I am a little OC when it comes to organizing!

So...... here is where I started with boxes galore (and trust me - I downsized here as well and donated about half of my cardstock supply, markers,  paints - (so many things that I  either had barely used or had not used at all...) before I packed up what was left. 

I loved this room even when it was a mess because I could always see the potential in it.  Just look at all of those windows (4 regular and 1 double) and space to move around!. I knew from the moment it was designed that creating would be so much fun in here,  It makes me happy just to be in here!

OMG - such pandemonium initially and such excitement when it was all finished.  I wasn't sure the contents of all of those boxes would find a home, but they did! Trust me - I had my doubts MANY times!

The unpacking begins as the post-its directed my efforts and kept me focused!
With the help of Ikea, Stamp n Storage products, and my youngest son's ingenuity (along with the detail oriented and committed contractor and his great crew), I have an amazing space to do all of the things that I love.  I can hardly wait to get some mojo back. I would love to have a list in my head a mile long of things to do.   I just need a good swift kick to get myself in gear again.  soon....

In the meantime, I have been slowly making headway on the organization of my craft room.  I am so glad (and relieved)  that the ideas that started in my head, moved to paper and then took actual form really worked!  In fact, it came out even better than I had dreamed. I love everything about it.  And I may still be moving things around, but that's just part of who I am. I am rarely content to keep things status quo - at least not in my craft area.

To share a little background, this is the fourth or fifth craft room I have put together from scratch.    I have put together a mish-mash of workbench storage, shelving, plastic containers to having an organizational company create a space.  It was great - but with each project I learned a little/usually a LOT more....

All of that design and trial and error came with me to the condo where I designed a space all with IKEA pieces.   I poured over catalogues until the pages were worn, marking what I liked, took several trips to IKEA in San Diego (I could live in that store quite happily!)  and make mock up after mockup - trying to figure out how to make it all work together.  The contractor and his guys were the best, although they were not thrilled when they realized they had to assemble 32 drawers - and that was just for one wall!  Ahhh yes - organization taken to the next level!

I also used products from Stamp'nStorage that are designed for IKEA (they have other products that work for any storage, but they do have some specific pieces that fit in IKEA units) to help keep my paper, markers and ink pads all in neat order.  I am still shifting a few things around but it's done for the most part.  I just need to do a better job of keeping excess paper OFF my computer area.
That is a work in progress!

The two organizers on the upper left are for ink pads. 
The remaining ones are for markers of all kinds

Here is what they look like filled and neat.
Underneath the counter are all of the paper organizers with removable dividers
so the size can be customized based on the amount of cardstock.
I divided my stash by brand and color and made labels
to go on the front edge of each paper divider.

This is the back of the room - pics below show a little more detail.
The work area is to the left and the sewing area and
lots of storage are to the right...
Assorted ribbons are hanging on the left side of the storage unit.


Here is a close-up of the upper storage -
I opened one row of doors so you could see the inside -
the cupboards (shown) and double drawers below are
individual inserts that fit into this open "cubed" storage piece!

This cupboard (above) is supporting the
12 cubed piece.   There is printer paper and toner
on the right side and  Silver Bullet Mats,
adhesive, crafting sprays on the left, as you can see.

This is the back corner of the craft room - a view
of the sewing area and great craft storage.

A better picture of the sewing area with most of the supplies
contained within the sewing "desk".

It is so difficult to get photos of this amazing room
because of all of the angles.  It would have made a
disjointed master bedroom - it's much better suited
for crafting, especially with ALL of the wonderful windows!

Just a peek of mini ink storage...

...and glitter all in one place...

...and foil especially for the Silver Bullet!

This bookcase houses my cookbooks (yes I downsized my "collection"! ) and volunteer notebooks. 
The bookcase at the other end has my crafting books and sewing materials (threads, etc).

This area is the front wall of my office (it backs the kitchen)
and holds office supplies in the drawers and printers on the shelves..

This is the front corner with all of the wonderful sunshine - love it!
It's a pleasure to sit here and work on things.  I cannot enjoy the scenery  from this spot,
but I can always sit on the deck if I need an ocean breeze...

A close up of the work area........

New home of my Silver Bullet - front and center!

Hope you enjoyed an overview of my new craft room.  It has been a long time coming, but so worth the wait.
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