Monday, February 9, 2015


It's been a pretty wonderful week in my life.  As I announced here many months ago, my oldest son and his were expecting their first child and have been enjoying the mystery of "what are we going to have?"  Well - the wondering is over and this special blessing entered the world at full speed - TWELVE days early!  and he - yes HE - is absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way.  He was born Monday morning  (a week ago) and weighs a very healthy 8 pounds, 1 ounce.

An hour old.........

The world, well at least my world, is a much brighter place with the birth of Carter Jameson Bricker.  Don't you just love that name?   It is such a strong wonderful name.

Let me digress a minute.  I had been thinking about making a card to celebrate his birth and take it with me to the hospital.  But over the weekend, once I finally got an idea, I had to figure out what to do.  I wanted to make it with either a boy or girl theme, but had no clue which they were going to have.  So I decided to cut out a pink bow and blue bow that could be placed on the card at the last minute.  Successful idea!  And easy to implement. So late Sunday night (it never fails that I get a burst of creativity when I should be heading to bed...  but that was ok - I was committed to getting it ready and putting it aside for my drive to the hospital -thinking  I had two weeks)  So I got all of the layers cut out and ready to go and went off to bed, planning to finish putting it together in the morning.  But that dedicated time never came, because the phone rang at 4:15 AM, just three hours later, and the unfinished card remained on my craft counter as I raced 45 minutes away to get to the hospital on time.  Best laid plans..........

So anyway, when I finally returned from all of the excitement, I was excited to actually be able to assemble the card and reflect the "boy" theme!  So I pulled out plenty of blue card stock to utilize the appropriate color and the card came together perfectly.  I was so happy.  I had already made a pattern for "Welcome Little One" as I had planned to put that on the front of the card.  But now...... 24 hours later..... I had a name!  So Carter Jameson went on the front and off it went to Megan and Scott.

Detailed zebra cut - thanks to the Silver Bullet Cutter.

Zebra design compliments of Miss Kate's Cuttables.  Love her designs 
and they are so easy to cut!

Inside of the card....papers all from Paper Temptress

Can you tell how overjoyed I am?  The first male grandchild and one that is only 45 minutes away instead of the two girls who are 6 hours away.  I know - I am still so lucky. They could all be across the United States or even overseas, but they aren't.  We are all in one state, just a bit scattered.  I love each and one of them with all my heart.  But what is it about a baby that just consumes every part of your being.  It doesn't diminish your love for anyone else, but your heart just expands - and explodes with love and tears of joy and oh so much gratitude.

So... welcome new little love....... CARTER JAMESON BRICKER (CJ when he is all grown up!)
We love you so....

Is he not the most beautiful little boy you have EVER seen?!?

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