Monday, May 20, 2013

Negative and Positive Cards!

It is no secret that I love the card designs that Dominic makes..  His files are perfect for the capabilities of the Silver Bullet Pro Cutter.  It takes the tough tasks and handles them with ease!

One of the really fun things about Dominic's files are that it is easy to use both the positive and negative image from the cut and make two cards out of one - and I love that especially since it usually takes me forever to come up with an idea!!

Here is the positive and negative image - perfect for TWO cards out of one cut!

I needed a birthday card for my daughter who will be thirty something next week so that was task one! I used his hydrangea pattern for the first time and I LOVE it.
The card front

Detailed leaves

Here is a perfect example of what a beautiful job the Silver Bullet Pro cutter does.  It amazes me every time I use it - I am in awe of the detail and precision with which it cuts.  And you can see the beauty of the Mica paper from Patricia at Paper Temptress

Finished card #1

And the bonus with Dominic's flower files are that the "scraps" left behind make another beautiful hydrangea!  I just cut a shadow layer out of the double sided adhesive from All That Jazz (this is the best double sided adhesive) and carefully placed it over the remnants and voila!... a new image!
The leftover (negative) "scraps!!

Carefully covered with a shadow layer of double adhesive paper.

The leftover petals on the adhesive layer

Then, since there was adhesive left open in between the petals, I just sprinkled Ritz glitter over the flower and it adhered so nicely..

Glitter added to cover the adhesive and make the petals POP!!

 All that was left to do was remove the remaining backing on this flower and you are left with an instant sticker!! How cool is that?

Carefully remove the adhesive backing for an instant sticker!

And then you take the new glittered "sticker" and adhere it to your card and with a few added details you have a second hydrangea card that looks totally different from the first one!

Finished card #2
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  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL indeed Gigi!!!!!

  2. Holy Moly, no wonder you haven't been around!!
    These are just grand!!!!!!!
    I can almost smell the hydrangea
    {Yes,yes, I copy/pasted hydrangea}

    1. Oh Nance - you are tooooo much! Thank you!! Have more to come in a few days - just have to write them up!!
      Stay tuned!!