Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lemon Raspberry Muffins

I am on a lemon kick - I know it - I own it.  I love using my Meyer lemons whether it be to make lo-cal lemonade, lemon bread, muffins, you name it.  What doesn't taste better infused with the citrusy touch of lemon?? Not much that I can think of!!!

And my new crop is budding and growing as I write, so there will be more lemon recipes populating this blog!  Beware of the invasion of the lemons! :)

This is a wonderfully yummy recipe that I have to share today - Lemon Raspberry Muffins!!l  Two of nature's most perfect ingredients as far as I am concerned!  I love berries and this is a great time of year for all of them.

Bursting with raspberry lemon deliciousness.............

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  1. LOL - what a way to increase your fruit intake!!! That makes them healthy - right?!?