Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An April Birthday

Life is getting busier, but cards still need to be made and they will always be a centering time for me and a great stress reliever, once I get an idea!  That is always my challenge and usually takes me forever to get a design in my head.  And there are still so many new things I want to learn - so it's no surprise that I am easily distracted and often go from no ideas to a dozen and then can't seem to settle on just one.  I have been asked many times why I don't sell my cards. The answer is simple -  it takes me too long to make one and I don't like making the same design more than once.  So it makes the cards a bit more labor intensive, but it's all part of the process for me.

For this card, I recently downloaded one of the free files from Birds Cards.  Her files cut nicely.  I decided I wanted to glitter the rose design, so I used the double sided adhesive sheet from Tyler's All That Jazz Supplies store.  He carries a lot of great products that cut beautifully on my Silver Bullet Pro.

I carefully peeled the leaf design off the top side of the adhesive sheet and sprinkled green Ritz glitter on top.

Look  at the fine detail of the cut.  I love that you can expect the Silver Bullet Pro do whatever you want it to do.

Next the rose pattern was covered in the poppy orange Ritz glitter. I love this glitter because it feels like silk once it adheres to the adhesive and doesn't rub off!

 Finally, a white iridescent was applied to the rest of the rose border frame.

I was a bit dismayed when I finished as it screamed "Christmas" to me - you know - the red and green theme --  and that was not the look I was going for in April!!  So I added the yellow sparkle paper from Paper Temptress to break it up a little.
Still  working on it  trying to figure out what else is needed...

I wasn't sure how it would all come together, but I like the final effect.

I will definitely be using the double sided adhesive more often - it is fun,  It is also a good exercise in patience, but the results make it worth it! (and I need to work on my raising my patience threshold!!)

And hopefully the card has arrived at its destination so I can be the first to say..................

Happy Birthday , Nance!!

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  1. First let me say, the furthest thing from my mind was "it looked like Christmas"
    It looked as if I had gotten a special gift from Martha Stewart herself.
    However, over the years, I have noticed, Martha has a lot of eves to help her with her "ideas"
    This card is spectacular.
    To anyone reading, you would have to know Gigi to know how special it is to get a card made by her.
    Her life is jammed packed with charities, boards, dogs, kids, grand kids, friends and neighbors, and that is just on Mondays.
    This card means the world to me.
    I was going to try and take a picture of it and upload it somehow to your site, and am SOOOOOOOOO glad I don't have too.
    And I can say, as great as a photographer that Gigi is, the pictures don't do it justice.
    I will not be the only one enjoying this card.
    I will be sending it to it's second home.
    Nana{My mom, but everyone's Nana}
    Will get to see it, hold it, touch it and enjoy it.
    No one appreciates handmade more than her.
    And to top it all of.
    Gigi mails her cards in the best was.
    Clear envelopes.
    Not only is the card enjoyed by me, {and Nana} but every hand at the postal service that touches it from her home to mine, get a glimpse of love, art and talent.
    Thank you my dear friend.
    I am giving you a warning now.
    You have two years to come up with an idea to out do this one, for my 60th birthday.
    I love you Gigi and my prayer for this world would be, that everyone had a loving and caring friend like you.
    You are special.
    P.S. If this doesn't make sense, I am typing through happy tears.

  2. I don't even know what to say, Nance. It was a pleasure to make a birthday card for you, and I am just thrilled that you like it, and humbled that you want to share it with Nana. I love you dear friend.

    And I will keep that two year date in mind!!! :)

  3. Gigi,
    I had to tell you.
    I called Nana yesterday and talked for about 45 minutes.
    Before I hung up, I told her, Tom put in the mail yesterday, a card that Gigi made for me for my birthday.
    Want to know what her words were to me???
    "Do I have to send it back"
    Well, when she puts it that way, ummmmm no.
    Love you and thank you again.

  4. Beautiful card, as always, Gigi!

  5. Thanks again Nance - and Lisa too.

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I always love to see your creations!!!!