Monday, August 12, 2019

Birthday Card - A Little Hut inspiration

Once again I am way behind on posting  so am just gong to try to share cards that I have done the past few months and delicious foods I have made and catch up on sharing.  And I have LOTS to share :)  Between creating, baking, working on diamond painting (totally addicted and doing a huge one so nothing to share - yet - but have MANY more to do that are smaller) = quicker gratification!!

Anyway - will keep sharing.  If you want to follow me on Instagram, my posts there are more timely and one of these days I will be coordinated enough to have my blog posts match my IG posts!!  Don't hold your breath!!

This summer I have had a lot of GREAT family time with my boys (Rob and Scott's family) and have been gobbling up time with the grandsons. They are so much fun. We had two beach weekends together in a row so now I am totally spoiled - and it feels wonderful!!

Ok - enough about me and on to this card. It was so much fun to make and I love Patricia's designs at A Little Hut.  I want to use more of them because they open up so many creative ways to interpret them.  This birthday card was for a neighbor friend and she loved it.  Made me so happy.  That's the beauty of cards to me - the smile that they put on the face of the recipient = pure joy for me.

This is just the basic file - but even without anything it is so beautiful.  
Would be great glittered or just the flower colored - so many different
ways to highlight it!

The colors are all cut outs of the Shimmer Sheetz which cut effortlessly
with the Silver Bullet Platinum.  Looks almost like stained glass - 
only prettier if possible!

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  1. Love my card soooo much. Wish you had posted it.

  2. Hey Gigi....Not sure you'll even remember be....but I was thinking about you today and stopped by your blog to see what you've been doing....sadly to see you've not posted since 2019.... ;( I hope you're doing well...your grandchildren are precious!!!