Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fun Cards for October Birthday Ladies!

It has been a while since I have posted, but sometimes life just gets in the way!  I still have some yummy ice cream recipes left over from summer to share (it was in the 80s here as recently as last week!).  And it was cool enough this week that I did a little baking and have some delicious breads to share soon - but first I have these October cards.

These cards were so much fun to make - one for a dear friend and one for my daughter in law.

The first is using an image from Paulo.  He has not posted designs since 2012, I believe, but there are literally hundreds on his website and they are amazing - and FREE.  Some are simple and some are intricate  - but they are unique from the average SVG file you can find on the internet - and I love that.  They also cut beautifully - an added bonus.

So the first card:

This is the songbird doily design from Paulo's website

The second is a technique/style I have not tried before.  My inspiration (even though this type of card has been on the internet for years) was based on a similar card that I received..  So I grabbed a sheet of firm acetate, scored it, and went to work with the image on the outside and the smaller card with the sentiment on the attached inside card that was also embossed for interest.  It was such fun to make and I hope to come up with variations in the future.  I hope some of you will try it too - if you haven't already.

And for my daughter in law.,.

A stenciled design cut out with the dry embossed backing...

It's really difficult to photography the clear card, but it's to the left of the
embossed green cardstock...The colored card will go inside the clear card.

And here is the card assembled with all of the parts - isn't it fun?
The design is on the outside of the acetate and the card with the message is on the inside

The final result.  I cannot wait to try this again!

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