Sunday, March 17, 2019

Diamond Art/Diamond Painting - A New Obsession!

I know my posting has been inconsistent at best and I have a reason/excuse for that! (you knew that was coming, right??)  There is always a reason....but this is a good one - really!  I have become totally infatuated with diamond painting and it has occupied most of my free time the past few months.  The more I do, the more I want to do.  I started seeing postings about it a year or so ago and it seemed interesting but I had no desire to explore it. I had enough on my plate, so I thought.  Then a few months ago I saw it in a craft catalog and started searching the internet and watching YouTube and I was totally fascinated by it all. The more I explored, the more I wanted to do it.

So I started small - so unlike me I know.  I got a butterfly pillow that was a partial fill. That means that the design does not cover the entire space but is on a patterned material - so it is not as labor intensive.  Diamond painting is like a cross between counted cross stitch, paint by number and mini mosaics.  You "paint" with flat bottomed faceted beads that are either round or square.  The square are considered more difficult because they need to be straight and it is more obvious if they aren't as they fill the entire square, where the round can be more forgiving.  Make sense?  Time to add some pictures.

Here is my first project. I wish I had taken a photo of the pillow canvas before I started the design but I thought about it too late!!

About halfway through the pillow I knew I wanted to do more, so ordered a shell picture that I started for the hallway....but put it aside as it felt too easy (what is wrong with me that everything has to be some sort of a challenge?!?) and I had already ordered more kits that were starting to make their way into my condo.  I was/am addicted but in a good way!!  So...the pillow was finished, the shell picture is waiting for me to want an "easier" project" and I already finished a sea landscape all in square beads (called drills - no idea why).  All of my remaining projects are full pictures - no partial fills because what's the fun in that??  I wont say how many pictures are waiting for my attention, but I am pretty sure once they are done I will be making more - just not sure of what or for whom!!

Here you can see the patterned canvas and this kit was nicely packed with the beads in bags.
They are all not so nice!  

I started this on the left side and then decided I wanted to
save this for an easier time and work on something more complicated...

And this was clearly the more complicated one.  I started on the bottom left and removed
the adhesive protecting film as I went along.  I definitely was on the fast track
from beginner to advanced - but I loved the challenge!

You can see a closeup of the detail with some of the section covered and 
some not so the pattern coding is visible.

Here is a closeup of a section of it - I love how it comes to life

And this is the finished product waiting to be framed.  The canvas still has some ripples in it
from being rolled, but it will smooth out once it is framed.

I recently began this floral painting for my bedroom - I have a bedspread with purple flowers and I hope that it all blends together - fingers are crossed!!  (the horizontal lines you see across the canvas are reflective lines from the clear plastic that covers the adhesive that has no drill on it yet).

This one is large - almost three feet tall.  But if the colors work, it
will be a great addition to the wall next to my bed.

A closer look at the pattern - the coloring on this one is not nearly
as intricate or detailed as the seascape...but still pretty.

And the painting begins to take shape...this one will go much faster than my last one,
but I need to make more time to work on it.  That's the nice thing about this -
 it is so easy to work on as time permits.  This is a really fun new hobby.

An added benefit is that most of the companies will take a photo of your choice and turn it into a diamond painting canvas so you can really create an incredible memory of a special time, or person or animal or whatever - so how cool is that?

If you want to give this a try, I will share a few things I have learned (and I am sure there will be more pointers later as I learn more with each picture)... start with round drills and a small picture.  Diamond Dotz, a US company, has some beautiful pillows that are a great way to begin.  And the pillow itself is assembled - you only have to stuff it with a pillow form once finished.

When you are ready to go on to something more complicated, know that choosing a larger size will produce a painting with more detail and color and it does make a difference.  Most of the sites do a great job of showing the difference in sizes and how the image may be compromised if you go too small.  I have ordered from US companies and also from companies that ship from China and I have seen a difference.  The selection is not as great in the US, although it is getting better, but the quality of the kits is better in that the beads are more uniform and the kit itself is packaged better.  That being said, the ones from China were not all the same. Some were packed better than others but all came with extra beads and the tools needed to complete the painting.  I am not sure the beads are as faceted and "sparkly", but it still looks beautiful when finished and it is about half the price of a US kit, but even then it's reasonable no matter where you buy it. It just depends on what subject matter interests you, but it is definitely worth looking around, and there is a lot of info on YouTube as well.

One last thing that I really love about this new hobby - it is so user friendly.  You can easily spend ten minutes or two hours working on a painting and you don't have to keep track of where you left off.  You can stop at any time and pick it back up whenever you want - it takes no effort to stop and start which I love. You cannot lose your place.

And the more you do, the better and more exact your lines and rows will be.  It is pretty forgiving, but I can see where I have not been perfect with my work.When it's all done I hope I am the only one who sees that....

I will share more as I do more, but hopefully this will encourage some of you to give it a try!!  You won't be sorry. Pin It Now!

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