Thursday, April 6, 2017

Changes Are Coming....

In the past, I have been fairly open about different health challenges I have experienced, and things I have tried to help along the way.  I have been doing a lot of reading lately about grain free diets and their benefit. Going gluten free never made a difference for me, but perhaps this "cleaner eating" way of life will. I am have decided to make a concerted effort to stop eating all grain and see if it changes any of the pain and discomfort I have been feeling. No harm can come of this and I have

I have thought about this before but didn't want to lose my "ability" to bake.  I love baking and thought I was going to have to give that up completely, but I was SO wrong..  There are cookbook resources and recipes all over the internet that teach the ins and outs of baking "grain free".  It isn't always easy, it doesn't taste quite the same, and it takes a lot of practice, but I am up to the challenge.  I have made a couple of things already with almond flour and because of the higher than usual quantity of eggs required, the food came out a little gooey and egg-like.I am learning that there are things I can do to make the structure better so I plan to make recipes that not only look tempting, but taste delicious.  I am convinced I can come up with good alternatives. And other than baking, going grain free is not going to be that difficult.  I have been buying grass fed meats and organic range free chicken for years.  I buy pastured eggs and raw cheese as much as possible. And fresh veggies and fruits have always been part of my diet - especially this time of year as the variety of fruit becomes plentiful here.

I am not sure I can do the cauliflower pizza crust or cauli sandwich thins which seem to be the rage now.  But I am a cauliflower convert when it comes to cauli-rice and faux mashed potatoes.  The cauliflower takes on the flavoring of what it is mixed with and it's really yummy!  There are other ways to make healthier "bread" alternatives that fit into the grain free plan, so I have a lot of fun cooking ahead of me!

So those are the changes in my kitchen! I am eager and more than a little excited to share this grain free journey. Stay tuned!

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