Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Condo Chaos Transforming...

It has been so long since I have posted but it hasn't been for lack of things happening.  I don't think I had a real good grasp of just how time consuming this remodel and move would be - it is basically a recipe for a quick trip to insanity!  I am moving in a week.....!  Let me say that again just so it can sink in..... I......AM.......MOVING........ IN...... A.....WEEK!!!  OMG!!  I have a lot still to do!

In all honesty, the condo is coming along great and is further along than these photos, but I promised a progress report, so will save the big reveal until it is all done - and then when I am actually moved in.  They are going to blend right into each other with a little overlap of last minute things, but such is life. The best laid plans never quite fall into place perfectly. That is ok.  I am learning to let it go... well ok - I am trying to let it go!

So I will share some of the photos of the past few weeks - a lot of delivery boxes from Ikea :),  a lot of pandemonium, but a lot of excitement and fun too.  I should take pictures of my current home but I am afraid the health department would be at my door if I did that!  I will try to get a photo of ALL of the boxes once I have them all orderly and ready to go. But in the meantime, here is a preview of the condo in progress...

Boxes and boxes... 

Just part of the office boxes from Ikea...

and more.... (a few weeks ago...)

The movers are scheduled for Nov. 4 - that is the big day. Some of the furniture has arrived and will be delivered next Monday as are a few other things. The appliances are in place, minus one that was damaged in shipping so we are awaiting a replacement *sigh*.  But it's the dryer, so if I have to be without for a little while, that's ok. The condo was painted this weekend and I have not seen it yet, but I hear it is beautiful in shades of gray. The flooring goes down tomorrow and that will really help it look "real".  Still have a LONG list of things to be done before I move, but working on it as best I can.

So here is a little tease of things shaping up.... am beginning to get really excited in spite of all of the hurdles.

New master shower taking shape...(ignore the tools!)

The lighting makes the colors funny, but no good light in there...yet..
love the tile work

Flooring looks much better in person. It really isn't wavy - that's just the pattern 
and angle of the photo!

More tile work....looks like glass up close...

Kitchen cabinets being assembled in the living room!

Cabinets moving into place...
Notice the blue tape handles - sparing no expense! :) 

Another kitchen view...
The trash can table in the nook gives a sense of realism - don't you think??

Yet another view of the kitchen - that is the front of the island.
There will be doors to cover that... and a countertop soon!  

Stacks of Ikea furniture all over the office/craft room - 
nothing is in its place

And more cabinets and drawers for the office/craft room.
This will need it's own post when done :)

And more cabinets and drawers and....

Look at that stack of drawers!! And that is one of two desks...will be my sewing desk 
in a different part of the room!

Highlights this week:

Installation of blinds
Installation of floor
Ceiling fans in place
Pendant lights over the island
Breakfast nook lighting
Bathroom lighting
Granite installation (I hope?)
Office countertops (I hope?)
Closet installation
Remaining cupboards in laundry room and master

Next week:
TV installation (I hope)
Furniture delivery
Front screen installation
New door locks and peep hole (super cool - it magnifies a large image!)
Whatever is left undone from the list above (!)

Yikes - that's a LOT!!!

It will all be worth it - my new mantra!  

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