Thursday, August 7, 2014

Birthday Brunch Bake! - Part One - (the card)

The brunch description and recipe will be part two of this post, but  first, the birthday prep began with the making of a card - of course!  It's so hard to realize and accept  that "my baby"  has reached his mid- twenties.  I am not "that old"...... how could he be???  It still seems like yesterday when I brought Rob home for that first time...... my  how fast it all flies by!

So what does one do for a birthday that marks a quarter of a century??  Yes I should have done something with a "quarter" theme, but of course that didn't come to me.  I was focused on the "25" - so that was it -- a very simple card,  but sometimes simple is the best.  The sun ray shape (not sure what to properly call it)  was a free clip art image and I just cut the numbers from a font and added a shadow layer - easy peasy!  The gold background was run through a 6x6" embossing folder from  Embossalicious called, not surprisingly, "Happy Birthday".  I know..............  The papers are all from the Paper Temptress mica line.

It was hard to figure out what to do for him as I have pretty much hit all of his interests over the past few years, but hopefully the effort was appreciated.  Will have to start working ahead of time to get more creative next year!  If I can ever master my coloring skills, then that would broaden my options and I could take on an Animé character!!  That would be fun and he would love that.  Better start practicing!

The sun ray was placed in an Embossalicious folder - Chevrons.  
So if the thin rays look uneven, it is because of the embossing as it distorted their shape a little!

Pop dots behind the numbers to give them a little dimension

The final product!

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