Thursday, July 24, 2014

Birthday Card - July friend - Fail and Success!!

July was a big birthday month for me - I had many friends with birthdays and am trying not to get too far behind.  (UPDATE: I started this post a week ago, my computer then decided to go on vacation and leave me high and dry, so I am beyond far behind.  But I am doing my best to catch up!!)

The idea for this card changed several times along the way. Initially I cut the flower image and used double sided adhesive so I would be able to make two cards from one cut!  I so love that.  All was going well...

Main piece for the first card idea

Negative pieces left on the mat

I worked with the main piece and adhered a shadow image of double sided adhesive to the negative pieces.

All ready with the adhesive for another card!

That part is safe and awaiting a project.  But something happened along the way with the main piece and I just didn't like it  It was ok, but the adhesive was buckling and it was my fault for not getting even coverage

Just not happy with how this turned out and the more I tried to make it better the worse it got.  
So it sadly went into the trash.  Just trust me that the "final product" didn't look anything like the 
card above after I got through trying to make it look better. What a mistake!!

So....... I decided to try something I never had.  (not always a good idea when you are already late - right??) I tried to make the same design with a frame attached, but I blew it!  I didn't weld the right pieces to the frame so that part was a huge failure, initially  But I still had the pieces of the  flower that cut out beautifully.  I tried making the frame from the same paper as the flower since that was my initial intent, but something was missing.  So I covered the frame piece with a different color (Paper Temptress Glimmer ), and put foam tape on the bottom to give it dimension, like a shadow box. I backed the flower cut  with the Paper Temptress mica line and then sprayed it with an iridescent glitter to give it some sparkle. Then it was just a matter of putting the frame and flower together and adding some pearls. Even though my original idea didn't work, I am happy with how this mistake transformed and it was a good lesson in not giving up!!

I used my Brother labeler (with the satin silver tape that I had never used before) and created the Happy Birthday greeting. I will definitely use that again. I am really happy with how this card turned out (and I still have the negative pieces on adhesive for another card project!!)

More to come soon......... :)

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