Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Unexpected Part Two!

Well this is certainly a year of surprises for me.  I never dreamed when I shared my "Holiday to Remember" saga that there would be an epilogue!  As far as I was concerned, the "adventure" was over, but .......

Six days after returning home (and 24 hours after my last post!) I was back in the emergency room with a repeat performance.  I felt scared and defeated and was convinced that my own body was my worst enemy. I could not believe this was happening all over again... only this time it would be a three week hospital stay and a second surgery!  Happy New Year?... not so much :(

As I write this, I have been home for two weeks and am still recovering, having surrendered to my "new normal" and living by doctors' orders.  I realize it could have been so much worse and am confident I will soon resemble the person I was before all of this.  I am not used to having limits on what I can and cannot do.  I am truly grateful to have received excellent care and be on the path, albeit bumpy and twisted, to long term healing (fingers and toes crossed!).  I have accepted that there are more doctor visits and consultations in my future.  So I will take the baby steps to progress and continue to look for the little positives in every day...

Acceptance .....  Patience ..... Perseverance ..... Peace .....

I am working on all of the above.  It commands a daily commitment on my part to accept life as it is now, to be patient with myself and my body's ability to heal, to persevere on the bad days knowing they will not last forever, and to find a place of peace in each and every day.

And GRATITUDE...... my heart overflows with gratitude for the overwhelming kindness expressed in so many ways by family and friends.  Even though I am physically alone, I never really experience the isolation of loneliness.  My two faithful cuddling companions are quite content to have me back home where I belong.  (Are they not the cutest??!!??)

I am fortunate to have an abundance of  love and care in my life and deeply appreciate the time gifted to me by an amazing support system.  Carefully prepared meals have materialized at my door; the phone rings often with offers of help; and emails fill my inbox with warm and caring messages.  I am so very blessed.

I am looking forward to crafting and cooking again.  I miss both and am definitely eager to get back into doing all of the things I enjoy.....

See you soon .......... Pin It Now!

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