Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kendra

Where did the time go?  I cannot believe my first grandchild is turning 13!  How can that be? I still remember so vividly the day she was born.  Should it be such a stretch to imagine she is now a teenager?  I have watched her grow up into a lovely girl, yet something about entering the teenage arena just seems unbelievable to me - and exciting and scary all at the same time.  I am also extremely grateful that I do not have to go through those tumultuous years again!  God bless her Mom!

So now to the card. I am sure some of you are going to look at this and go "huh"??  I know, it doesn't look like a card for a girl embarking on a journey into the TEEN years - it looks - well much younger.  But she loves Panda bears - I mean she REALLY loves them.  Halfway through the evolution of this card I called her Mom and said, "Are you sure I should to this?  It just doesn't look like a teenager's card!"  But we both decided to embrace the young girl that still  loves Pandas - as there are many teenage years ahead of her!

And I admit to cheating a little on this card. I "should" have colored this digi image, but with all of the cards I needed to finish for October, I just didn't feel I could do it justice .  So I chose a precolored image that I used for a print and cut on my Silver Bullet Professional . I love that machine.

The print and cut with the SCAL registration marks.

The cut out image - thanks to the Silver Bullet Pro!

And the bamboo is a traced design that I added.  Love the texture of the ruché paper from Paper Temptress.

You can see the texture in the blue ruché paper and the dimension of the panda and the balloon.

The finished card. (not perfect - I accidentally crumpled the balloon 
AFTER I had taped it down with pop dots. :(

Not every card is as perfect as I might like......


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