Monday, November 5, 2018

More Cards for Difficult Times....

It's been one of those difficult periods of time when it seems that too many wonderful people in my life are passing away.  I am grateful that I have the faith to believe that they are now in a better place, but I still with that those who loved them most could have more time with them. I suppose that is the very human side of grief and loss, right?

So these two cards were to remember a very loved and loving wife who brightened the community of Oceanside, and a very dear and loving husband of a special cousin who passed so suddenly and unexpectedly.  Nothing makes the loss easier I am convinced, no matter what the circumstances.

I kept both of these cards very simple with just a little embellishment.
It's no secret that I love using flowers when making cards, 
especially when I need them to make a statement.  
These images were artfully created by Dominic  
and are beautiful in their simplicity..

I hope these cards brought comfort and love to those left behind......... Pin It Now!

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