Saturday, February 17, 2018

It's a New Year - a little ...ummmm... LOT belated!!

It is hard to get back into blogging when months have gone by.  I feel like there is so much to share because I wanted to at the time, but life, as it does, got in the way in a variety of ways.  I was reminded time and time again, that my plan or priorities, were not God's plan for me.  So I tried not to fight that battle and worked on letting go.  Sometimes life can feel like a fairly smooth drive from one point to the other with just a few bumps and curves on the road - not too hard to manage.  And then other times, the journey is much more challenging with steeper hills, unexpected detours, even black ice on the road where you have NO idea where you are going and you have to trust.  There have been a lot of detour-filled roads lately on this life path and I am learning to slow down and do my best to navigate them in a more thoughtful and safe way.  Not sure any of this makes sense, but over the next few weeks I will share a little of what some of the challenges have been.

What I continue to learn is that I cannot do anything without family, friends and God. One thing constant about life is change and adapting to that can be difficult.  But all we can do is put one foot in front of the other and move forward....not back.  That is not always easy, but oh so necessary.  And the steps don't have to be at warp speed!  Sometimes just taking a few steps forward is enough because that is all I can handle. And other days, I feel like I can cover miles.  So I try to judge less and accomplish whatever I can and be satisfied with that.  Another tough lesson - how do I be satisfied with less when I want to accomplish soooo much more?!?  It is all ok because if I am doing my best, then that is all I can do and my best is enough.  One of the many mantras running through my head these days.  So whether it is baby steps or giant leaps, it is all just fine.

So onward we go.  Let's close this post out with a few of last year's cards that I made for gifts at Christmas time.  They are basically "money" cards for the people in my life who make things easier for me - from the mailman to the nail lady and house cleaner.  These were fun to make and since I am not crazy about recreating the same card over and over, these all have the same theme, but are a little different from each other. And the recipients were happy to receive them.  Mission accomplished! Enjoy.

And I hope you will stay with me on this year's  blog.  I plan to do lots of cards, more baking (and more variety), some new cooking techniques (like sous vide - so much fun and so delicious), and some new crafts too if I can carve out the time. There are always new things I want to learn, and I am hoping I will be able to have some success and share new ideas with you too.

Thanks for reading!

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